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Personal Training and Pilates Reformer sessions

Personal Training and Pilates Reformer sessions are available by appointment for those who prefer a one-on-one or semi-private setting. An agreed upon schedule is created and carried out in the home studio of Laila Wierzba, located in Erin Mills, Mississauga.
A program will be designed to suit YOUR personal needs. It may consist of Pilates Fusion or Reformer lessons or a combination thereof. The advantage is that the program is tailor-made for you and your partner(s). It is particularly suitable for those who want or need individual attention and for those who are not able to or wish to participate in a regular class setting.

Pilates Reformer: Joseph Pilates invented various pieces of equipment to enhance the positive outcome for his clients. Among these is the REFORMER, an adjustable movable “mat” set on a frame, connected with a set of springs which are used to create various levels of resistance. YESWECAN! has two Professional Stott Reformers. Sessions are available on a one-on-one or two-on-one basis. Particularly suitable to build strength, to off-set strains from impact activities and for correcting postural imbalances.

Each lesson is one full hour. Multiple lessons must be prepaid, cash or cheque.

NOTE: 24 hour notice is required for cancellations or the full cost is applied.

Call: Laila Wierzba, M. Ed, Certified Instructor 905 820 5709